Lucy Omagbon, PDP Candidate Ovia Fed Constituency


The smattering hallmark of a healthy relationship is the ability to communicate, Listen and feelings heard, work through disagreement, trust, and have mutual belief openly for one another.

That’s why a relationship requires small amounts of effort every day to nurture the bond between two people and the community itself.

It is suggested quite often that, there are varieties of ways to strengthen your bond with your immediate people, your family, and the community you live in.

Walking together, listening often, asking your partner about their big meetings, their happiness, goals, and dreams, sharing your feelings, and putting your partner first are criteria needed to unplug it.

Although the other part which is creating a business fortune through project acquisition is a hell part of it, as sustaining mutual belief will help to retain the projects envisioned.

It’s also important to be able to pay attention and acknowledge the effect, your fears and insecurities have on your relationship.

These are many of the heavy-laden issues typical of the Situation with the two Ovia Local Government’s past and present representatives and other Contemporary Council’s administrators in the state.

Lucy Izoduwa Omagbon, a proud mother has something new to offer as she sojourn to make laws to upscale her relationship with the Ovia North East and its counterpart, South West.

With special interest and commitment to building proper synergy with the people, Omagbon a former Local Government gaffer believes, her established relationship with the Ovia people is an age-long bond that will transmit a pool of initiatives to the greater masses.

As political campaigns are now granted by the umpire and shifted to an open field, she is willing to stake her belief to provide a bond between relationships and projects.

Omagbon was very clear in her position to continue to represent her constituents if given the mandate at the lower chamber of the National Assembly when she spoke with our correspondent during a conversation on “Building a relationship with the People”,

While recounting her records that tend to put her miles apart from other contestants Omagbon
said, “Ovia being a significant part of Edo State, is worth planning for, and it is worth also keeping every promise for”. “Getting it right with human capacity development is sacrosanct in spinning the initiative to the desire of the good people of Ovia Federal Constituency.

She added that any administrator who can’t provide the leeway or invest in its people doesn’t deserve that seat”.

Continuing she said, “I’m more than willing to build synergy between local people and investors who will not only invest but enhance sustainable development”.

The former Commissioner urged members of the larger society to play their parts starting from their neighborhoods, following the spate of worsening security challenges in the Country; just as she implored the people to believe in her candidacy under the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

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