The awaiting Traditional Ruler of Uho Community, His Royal Highness, Ogierhiakhi Friday, in Ikpoba Okha Local Government Area, Edo State, Who was alleged to have murdered his girlfriend, Faith Aigbe, has been Vindicated of committing any criminal offense against the victim.

His exemption from the alleged Criminal offense, is a prelude to the Autopsy Confirmation results carried out by the Edo State Police Command to detect the real cause of her death.

Recall that, the Awaiting Traditional
Ruler was alleged of killing his girlfriend Faith Osamudiamen Aigbe and detained after reportedly submitting himself on September 9, 2021, to the Ologbo Divisional Police Station, where he was later transferred to the State Police Headquarters for onward questioning.

However, addressing Journalists in Benin City, the state Police Command Image maker SP Kontongs Bello, said, after a thorough investigation as well as Autopsy Conducted and provided by a Police consultant Pathologist, Dr. W.O Akhiwu, the result proved the suspect innocent.

The autopsy Conducted on September 20, 2021, Police consultant Pathologist, Dr. W.O Akhiwu, attributed the cause of her death to Hemorrhagic Shock, Ruptured Tubal Ectopic and Massive Hemoperitoneum Conditions.

According to medical experts, Hemorrhagic shock is a condition of reduced tissue perfusion, resulting in the inadequate delivery of oxygen and nutrients that are necessary for cellular function.

Therefore, whenever cellular oxygen demand outweighs supply, both the cell and the organism are in a state of shock.

An ectopic pregnancy can cause Fallopian tubes in women to burst or rupture. Emergency symptoms are believed to include major pain, with or without severe bleeding.

So, in Hemoperitoneum Conditions, blood is expected to accumulate in peritoneal cavity, a small area of space located between internal abdominal organs and inner abdominal wall.

26-year-Old Deceased Victim, Faith Osamudiamen Aigbe, a resident of
Aigbe Street Evbuomoma Quarters, Benin City, was accused by his suspected Boyfriend, and Enogie designate, Ogierhiakhi Friday to have been nine months pregnant for him until she gave up after allegedly undergoing abortion in undisclosed hospital without his consent.

Faith Osamudiamen Aigbe was later seen lifeless in a vehicle suspected to be owned by Enogie designate of Uho Community Ogierhiakhi Friday.

A development seriously frowned at by the Family of the now deceased Victim, Faith Osamudiamen Aigbe, during an altercation that led to several calls by well-meaning citizens for autopsy conduct.

The earlier tensions generated by the death of Faith Aigbe, has now been put to bed, given the autopsy results released.

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