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Members of the Talakawa Parliament and civil rights defenders are appealing to the Police authority to fish out and made to face the full weight of the law, the Culprits who allegedly attacked Oduware Aghaleladia, a widow in a suburban area in Edo State.

The incident which was said to have occurred on August 5, 2023, in the Udo Community, Ovia South West Local Government Area, left the Widow, Aghaleledia heavily inflicted with life-threatening injuries in her body.

In a petition themed; “Brutal Assault and the Degrading Treatment Meted on a Widow Oduware Aghaleledia a Humble Demand for the Arrest and Prosecution of the Culprits”, signed and made available to the press by the Secretary of the group, comrade Imasuen Wilson, said some indigent of udo community led by one Endurance Grandmother carried out the alleged attack.

Imasuen in the petition statement
explained that the said Endurance Grandmother had accused the victim of allowing her son to sleep with her daughter in her apartment against their permission, which the victim denied any knowledge of.

But her denial reportedly fell completely on deaf ears, as they were said to have taken fierce action against the victim, Aghaleladia.

It was further gathered that on the same evening when the incident happened, over three persons, including Endurance’s Grandmother, one Osakpolor, and others invaded the house of the victim who still did not own up to having housed the girl in question for sexual intercourse, thereby, pouncing on her after a prolonged gaga argument.

The incursion, according to the petitioner, resulted in a free for all
sticking the helpless widow Oduware Aghaleledia’s body, who as a result sustained a heavy body injury leading to her collapsing for several hours before she was resuscitated and taken to a nearby clinic.

Disturbed by the actions of the accused persons, members of the Talakawa parliament are now demanding through the petition a police arrest, investigation, and prosecution of the culprits who carried out the onslaught.

Section 355 of the Criminal Code Act in Nigeria on Assaults says
Any person who unlawfully assaults another and harms the person is guilty of a felony and is liable to imprisonment for three years.

When charged accordingly, the Culprits are likely to face section 355 of the criminal code pending the outcome of the police investigations.

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