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Those engaged in land-grabbing riddles have a coronal name akin to “domestic terrorism” according to Benin Traditional Council, BTC, which has become unsatisfied with conduct and exploits in Edo State.

The traditional council who has become miffed by these actions of what it described as unscrupulous practices of illegal encroachment of lands by predators, says it has reached an unacceptable dimension.

BTC’s position is an outcome of a press conference held Wednesday, at the palace of the Oba of Benin, His Royal Majesty, Oba Ewuare Second as part of efforts made to clarify issues surrounding the recent incident at Ukhiri Village, in Ikpoba Okha Local Government Area.

Recalling the series of events in Ulegun Village, thousands of house owners had witnessed their houses broken into rubbles as bulldozers ruin their buildings which were alleged to have been built on a parcel of land belonging to the Benin Monarch, sold off Chiefly by the members of the community.

The situation has drawn reactions across the nooks and crannies in the state leading to a protest of some sort on Dennis Osadebe Avenue by the affected owners who claimed to be demanding Justice.

However, in a swift response by the Benin Traditional Council on Wednesday, Chief Henry Obazuaye, the Aiwerioghene of the Benin Kingdom on behalf of the Council, said Land Grabbers sell other people’s lands ignoring the dire consequences adding that the worst still, the purchasers are also aware they are purchasing illegally without verification.

He maintained that the land grabbers are always in the habit of arguing that once a structure is hurriedly erected on the such illegally acquired property, the palace of the oba forbids bringing down such property.

Chief Obazuaye stressed that several parcels of land belonging to the Benin Monarch have been taken over by land grabbers, adding that in Ukhiri village, the case was taken to an unprecedented height.

While commending and encouraging the state government to do more in arresting offenders, he said the palace is against land grabbers which he said reconstructed from the outlawed Community Development Association, CDA, urging the public to resist domestic terrorism in any form.

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