The identity of the Police Operative, who ordered the shooting of the Students’ Protesters at National Petroleum Development Company, NPDC, Secretariat in Benin City, has been revealed.

He is Deputy Superintendent of Police, DSP O. Emmanuel, of the MOPOL 5 division.

DSP Emmanuel is now allegedly cooling off at the detention facility of the Edo State Police Command headquarters Benin City.

The Victim, Juliana Martins Akpate, was a participant of the now aborted two-day training purported for Niger Delta Students, through a joint venture training Project of the NPDC and NNPC organized to prepare the student on the relevance of the newly signed Petroleum Industrial Act, PIA bill.

The bubble first got burst at the hotel where invited students were accommodated for the two days training program, between organizers of the event and participants over their refusal to accommodate media Organizations to cover the training event.

Another condition participants frowned at, was a reported diversion of approved items designated for Participants.

Participants had requested for the final approved blue prints on suspecting a foul play by the organizers, over their attempts not to allow media cover the event.

This, however, led to hues and cries for transparency, and for several hours, after which accord was struck to continue the training the next day.

However, things went sour on Wednesday, when the students in their numbers condensed at both gates of the NPDC, while demanding to meet the Managing Director who was said to be away to attend his daughters’ Marriage to investigate and prosecute those who intentionally diverted the proposed laptops and funds.

Tension became heightened, when the head of security, NPDC, was the only one who could addressed the plight of the already miffed participants who couldn’t access the MD and were poised.

The students insisted on Thursday morning, having returned to their hotels unsatisfied, to come back demanding for all approved items for the training which they earlier suspected to had been circumvented.

For DSP Emmanuel to quell the rising tension, perceived earlier on Tuesday, during the Protest, he became more restive all through, for a reason no one on earth have an answer to.

He prowled and harassed harmless participants who only trooped to demand where the laptops meant for the training disappeared to; when they were only given an empty bag with relics of charging cords.

DSP Emmanuel, only forgot at the material time that, the gun he was using to harass the students, was purchased with tax payers income when he allegedly ordered the masked Men in Uniform to unleash mayhem.

Emmanuel who was the lead police officer, was seen shouting,as well as urging students to move back and far away from the NPDC’S gate while cracking his gun.

He was readily flanked by other fiercely masked Men in police apparel, who took their turns to open fire on innocent people, like it was at lekki tollgate incident.

Although, the Suspected DSP Emmanuel was said to have denied using live cartage but carnage to ward off unsuspected advancing students.

The spinning pellets sprayed by the trigger-happy officers traced its directions to Juliana Martins Akpate the unlucky victim, who though, was lucky enough to receive the bullet only on her leg as others scamper for safety.

While DSP Emmanuel faces police Quizzing and a likely dismissal from the Police formation, whilst also a pending litigation for acting wild, Comrade Juliana Martins Akpate, would be hoping for a fast relief from the bullet incursion.

The question is, how much was DSP Emmanuel paid to carryout such heinous action on a protest that was never violent?

The ninny hammer DSP Emmanuel has become a rale of self-propelling double revolving Snolly Goster, ready to attack anything like an uncommanded wolf.

Cockolorum Police Star, and his convivial companions, were being a collection of monstrous goods, monstrous droll, and monstrous bad songs, introduced by some eccentric anecdotes from the NPDC Managers to cause a stir.

Bottom line is that, there are much that we may probably don’t know about this snollygoster police officers who so yielded to the order of the evil topnotch paymasters much exactly like the lekki tollgate incident, who are reputed to be part reptile and part bird, and can prey on innocent poultry and children.

Till date, no one has openly admitted to had giving the order to shoot innocent Nigerians during the October 2020 #EndSARS protesters at lekki tollgate.

Whether this is the sort of words or orders that one should avoid putting on a resume, time will tell.

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