Benin Kingdom today covers the seven local government areas of Edo, including, Egor, Oredo, Ikpoba-Oleha, Uhunmwoade, Orhionwon, Ovia North-East and Ovia South-West.

The Oba, is the paramount ruler over the kingdom which is politically, the Edo South senatorial district.

The Oba, is well flanked most times, whenever, the Royal Majesty is seen in public with Palace Servants or Maids, otherwise know as, “OMUADA” in native Benin dialect, and they are very Significant.

Palace servants are all people who work for the palace.

They are usually, however, people who work as chamber maids and butlers who are supposed to be better than the rest of the servants.

It’s an honor to be a maid in the palace. They are the front line.

They are the ones deemed fit, smart and attractive enough to be seen by anyone who comes to call.

They take their positions seriously, because if they make a mistake, they are reportedly put in the kitchen, where they have to work all day and their clothes are baggy, or they have to chop firewood or rake the grounds.

For every dozen people that are visible in the palace, there are a hundred or more behind them.

There are also jewelers hidden away, making pieces for the family and gifts for visitors, and
teams of seamstresses and buyers keeping the royal family immaculately clothed.

The servants seem to be well cared for and healthy as well as forming a friendship amongst each other.

But when a servant is so elevated by his master, he assumes the position or the stool of his Master.

Such, is and has become the case of ROLAND EKHOE fondly call ODIONWERE OMUADA who is seen by all and sundry, the bane of all Land atrocities in Benin City.

This man and others in extreme Oredo ward 2, have made themselves thin Gods that can forge any document and parade same in guise of the Revered Palace of the OBA of BENIN.

They have sold the sanctuary of the Benin Cultural Heritage and values, leaving the husks for the innocent and Strangers to live by.

They have become too deep in their roles to let the innocent even eat the crumbs without subjecting them to pains and penury.

Many people within and outside Benin have been rendered Homeless, through their ills.

No matter how hard and bad a situation may be, One day, Light will Come and Chase away dark areas for the Just to occupy where light resides.

Families have lost their hard-earned fortunes to some decisions they made which would never reflect the real decision from the Palace of the Oba, yet stands.

The Ohen of Okhoromi became stoney to break even as a common deity priest, but no condition is permanent.

Today, they will have to seek asylum in their own domain as ruthless vulture will peck with it beak, the eyes of their seeing and make them blind permanently, because they have been identified as the real challenge by all ancestors in Benin Kingdom to all aborigines and affiliates who found Benin a sanity place to build and reside.

Ancestors of the recent, and the past are angry no doubt with their ways, and have recommended them to go the way of the infamous Lawrence Anini and Monday Osunbor of the criminal Banditry who caused serious stirs in their heyday of terrorizing Benin metropolis, earnestly Soon, unless they seek total and open forgiveness by admitting publicly to most victims they punished.

Many of these elements are still around the Palace, who lies for a fortune to put others in abject penury.

They see the Palace as a resource center for raising life fortunes and never ever willing to end their siege.

For the “OMUADA” and his avalanche of co-traveller, one Sin, too many chumming pains that urgently need to be addressed to bring the proverbial days of Abraham back where values are respected.

The Famous Palace of the Benin lineage must be rescued from these elements before it permanently slides into intolerance quivering.

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