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The astronomical increase in the price of commodities across different markets in Edo State is raising dust and creating temporary heightened tensions.

Citizens have been left to rue the hardships melted on them in their daily cost of living which has become difficult to cope with as most homes could barely afford to buy water and staple food commodities for consumption.

Although most citizens believe that no clear price regulation is in place to stem the tide, others attribute the galloping rates to the influence of Unionism.

But one man has been very critical in his assessment and frowns at the extreme influence of Unions on the differential cost of commodities that tend to determine buying and selling in the state.

Honorable Charity Iguodala Aiguobarueghian is the Majority leader and Member Representing Ovia NorthEast Constituency at the Edo State House of Assembly who is calling for a swift intervention to ameliorate the hardships as a result of the multiplier effects of the Unionism conundrum.

Addressing the situation, when he spoke with the press recently in Benin City, Hon Aiguobarueghian disclosed that he is particularly disturbed by the prevalence of price hikes noting that he is convinced that as one of his responsibilities in lawmaking, he has taken it a topmost priority to channel his dismay and correct the ills on the price variations during plenary.

He said the only state in Nigeria where prices of commodities are unbelievably forced on the people is Edo State.

He stressed that things you could buy in neighboring states like Kogi and Ondo at cheaper rates, are tripled once they get to Edo State.

The lawmaker also laments the situation where a dealer of a certain product available will concoct the habit of telling another producer not to sell for a client because the person is not a member of the union he belongs to.

He explained that in the time past, there existed a Guild of Merchants in businesses, and their sole aim was to make progress, stressing that today, the whole idea is to make banners and cause disharmony around the business environment.

He warned against monopolizing farm produce adding that where there is a competitive market, prices are expected to be driven down looking at it from a wider spectrum.

A recent survey carried out by Inquesttvnews revealed that most outlets where bottled water is sold go between N150 and N200 in open markets while Sarchetwater is sold for N20 in Edo State

However, in the neighboring states, bottled water is sold for N100 while Sarchetwater remains at N10

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