Eben Enasco Reporting.

It all started on Thursday, February 2, 2023, which was the beginning of a new month.

It was against the backdrop of the burden of Scarcity of Naira notes, and the hike in petroleum products resting heavily on the shoulders of innocent Nigerians

The queue was mounted at every available Automated Teller Machines, ATM, in search of naira notes to purchase food items and most especially, the hiked fuel commodity that was sold well above the official rate of 180 naira per liter.

This, put together, generated significant setbacks to living conditions across the country, living all to seat at the edge.

While students who just resumed after eight months strike that almost engulfed the educational system in the country, queued to have part of their savings withdrawn to furnish their necessities, whilst some military Men who also wanted to withdraw reportedly jumped the guns.

It would have caused them nothing to choose their positions at the back, but preferred to move straight to the next in line to withdraw when some students had waited all day to get their turn and questioned their decisions.

The development sparked an already tense environment with the military feeling insulted.

This was resolved after the Unnamed military officer was embarrassed for remaining resolute to continue in that manner.

Recall that in a video captured now circulating, a military man in uniform was seen stepped upon while on the floor by unrecognized Security members who pounced on him after he was alleged to have slapped a senior guard who was said to have rushed to the scene to intervene.

The incident, however, had the school authority released a statement urging all to let go as they waded to stop an anticipated blood spilling.

Before long, on the late night of the same day, the Military was said to have reinforced and come back to avenge.

The President, of the Student Union Government, SUG, University of Benin, Foster Amadin lamented the decision of the military to come back and inflict injuries on the lecturers and students saying vehicles were destroyed alongside the assault melted on members of the University community.

He claimed their actions have created virtually fear for all.

When our crew visited the scene of the incident, most offices were scanty as we were made to believe that the alleged invasion of the military in the dead of the night would have made most staffers abandon office duties for the fear of further reprisals.

But in a swift response to the claims of the number one Student, of the University of Benin, the spokesperson, 4brigade Command Edo State, Captain Yemi Sokoya denied the allegations.

He argued that no military personnel was allowed to go out on the eve of the said date while calling on members of the society to dispel the rumors.

In what look like a surprise, corroborating the military claims, a senior Security guard, who never wanted his name on the print said there was no such attack.

His remarks, however, challenged our decisions to know more about the alleged night invasion.

In Our findings, cars were destroyed and some members sustained injuries, while some were admitted to the hospital, validating the claims of the SUG President of the University.

Despite what looks like an obvious attack, there has been no official statement released by the University authority over the new incident, and this tends to have a major knock on the credibility on the part of the school management

A proof reflected in one of the vehicles physically seen with Reg No 50U-194 FG, with UNIBEN inscription and many others gives a clear direction of what transpired.

In a legal dispute, one party has the burden of proof to show that they are correct, while the other party had no such burden and is presumed to be correct.

The burden of proof requires a party to produce evidence to establish the truth of facts needed to satisfy all the required legal elements of the dispute.

The burden of proof is usually on the person who brings a claim in a dispute.

It is often associated with the necessity of proof which always lies with the person who lays charges.

In the last few days, of the push-and-pull saga, the resultant denial of the incident by the Military may affect the trust of those who are supposed to protect the borders of the country.

The military leadership who also claimed not aware of the incident should do more to earn the trust of the people considering the level of damage to cars and injuries inflicted on staffers as evidenced in the pictures provided.

Common sense will argue that the incident is a clear case of reprisals despite the stand of the Military.

When you tell a lie to cover up the truth, you will need another effort to tell another lie that may stand as the truth for a period but will never be taken as the truth.

Those flouting the rule of law, must
Know that the Constitution doesn’t exempt anyone culpable.

But then, the silence maintained during this new development by the University authority, gives room to all manners of ideas in minds of the public which could suggest the hand of Esau.

Although, a reliable source from the staples of the University management setup told our correspondent, that an on-the-spot assessment was carried out by the School authority.

However, it is still too early to crack the crab and condemn this silent part taken by the management in this ugly development.

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