Eben Enasco Reporting.

Disturbed by the lack of government presence in their locality, Residents of the Eguare Urohi Community in Esan West Local Government Area of Edo State, are craving better living Conditions.

Some members of the community, including the Traditional Ruler, are now appealing to the authorities to provide the basic infrastructures needed by the community to ease their suffering.

Eguare Urohi, a predominantly farming community of Esan West Local Government area in Edo State is one of those numerous communities affected by poor access to infrastructure development.

The people said they are beginning to believe that the total neglect by successive governments is likely to force youths of the community into crime if nothing is done to ameliorate their pains.

His Royal Highness, Dominic Otokhine 1 is the Onojie Of Eguare Urohi Kingdom who is now more concerned than ever before over the state of the community and his people.

He lamented the level of decaying infrastructures built by the former Governor of Bendel State, Professor Ambrose Folorunso Ali which he claimed has been abandoned for years.

The Onojie maintained that several promises have been made but not fulfilled including the recent administration of Governor Godwin Obaseki who promised during his second tenure electioneering campaign in 2019, to build access roads, reconstruct dilapidated school buildings and healthcare centers as well as provide network services for the people.

He argued that, after the electioneering campaign Promises of Governor Godwin Obaseki, nothing significant has changed in the locality.

He regretted that the government has neglected them despite promises made to provide Basic infrastructure.

Another concerned citizen, Godwin OVU who has become weary revealed that there were speculated plans by the state government to move the Eguare Urohi Secondary School built in 1980 by Ambrose Ali to another community.

A development, he said will further deepen the frustration being undergone by the community.

Ovu said the original plans by the Ambrose Ali administration to set up the school was to have a Technical Education School that will serve the whole of Esan West Locals.

Governor Obaseki was seen and held in a video captured during his second tenure campaigns in Eguare Urohi, promising to open the community to develop and liberate the people from imminent poverty

This has become moonlight tails in the eyes of the beholding community that has continued to wait endlessly for the dream.

Although the Governor may have tried to make some advancements to close the gap in some areas of the state, the people of the Eguare Urohi Community are not happy that they have not been captured in part or whole of the stride.

The governor is not the only one guilty of the promises, some representatives who are of the Esan West constituency have not done enough to influence the development of their constituents.

The Speaker, Edo State House of Assembly Rt. Hon. Marcus Onobun who is now seeking to represent his constituents in the Lower Chambers of the National Assembly Under the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP was said to have promised to intervene.

But his promises have not manifested as time is fast tickling with hope fading away.

If not for any reason, residents of Eguare Urohi would expect that they have accessible roads, networking other parts of the state to have their farm produce transported for commercial purposes.

A good road network, Healthcare System, Functioning power supply, Portable water sources, and good Educational framework, is a primary obligations that must continue to be a priority, if, a government should be adjudged performing.

With the outcry of Urohi citizens for government presence, it is expected that the authorities will meet their demands.

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