Eben Enasco Reporting.

It was supposed to be a political gathering of like minds to choose from the pool of interests to embody the will of the harmless society and the platform’s missions.

But turned chiefly access to firearms and loose regulations leading to the death of a ward Five Chairman of substance, Tunde Igbinoba.

More than a hundred party delegates had formed parallel divides at different locations, during the Peoples Democratic Party’s Primary election that was conducted after weeks of negotiations to reconcile aggrieved sides over who owns the party’s structure, which fell through.

The supposed goals were to concomitantly trust a representative to the senate, lower house, and the State Houses of Assembly from each federal constituency that made up Edo State.

Unfortunately, the crass perception of personal engradizment overshadowed the belief to better the larger society, hence the horrific chase.

Speaking of the way they perceived a goal, it can make or break all outcomes from every side.

But by changing the way they think about small and big wins, they can also work happier if they chose to.

And that’s crucial for their Aspirations and future endeavors of the people, particularly for most Aspirants, who can not at a very critical time put on a thinking cap.

Let’s break large goals down Into Smaller Goals it can be a longer night victory that may end all perpendicular perceptions in senatorial victories by those chosen to represent constitutional constituents if you like.

The power “That-Be” doesn’t want to focus on the bigger picture, as tempting as that can be and this is obvious.

Okay, let them reward themselves through pellets spilling and ask the God of creation to preserve them after killing for a vote.

Now that the heart of those they want to destroy has stopped beating let’s think about what they enjoy the most and do each time they complete a horrible step.

In no particular order, they have won tentatively by the affirmation of the results they manipulated without the Certification ceremony of the procedural umpire. Don’t Pressure Yourself to, believe me, mates!

Yes, they would have further ruined the chances of the Political Platform which is just resurrecting after many years of playing second fiddle.

For crying out loud, for every wrong process implored by the actors to achieve their aims, there become a million times set back to actuality, in the build-up to an egalitarian society.

And lastly for this purpose, for every penny collected from those aspiring to represent a constituent by immoral delegates, there comes a sentinel penalty stirring as a setback for the ages yet unborn.

Validly, Let’s X-ray the Victory at both ends of the primary election.

The loser here is the family of the Ward 5 Chairman Tunde who died at the torrential scene for preferring one over the other.

The other loser will be those who will be removed after a court judgment.

Another set that will become irrelevant is the compromising leaders who forged a criminal partnership to collect brown envelopes and throw caution to the wind.

The victors perhaps could be those who uniformly held on to the principles that created the platform if the judiciary allows the water to take its course irrespective.

The final victory of the proletariat will bring, as we argue, a class to an end.

But for all interests, the Miami Dolphins who were eliminated from the scramble for the AFC’s final wild-card berth last time by the New York Jets could thrive in the role of spoilers against their arch-rivals.

The Jets will now sit out the postseason themselves to discern, whose future is in doubt.

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