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The wave of recent abductions have created devastating consequences for Edo State and the Country at large.

It’s now a Cartel of business enclaves for Criminals and those aiding the surge.

The Nigeria Nation already has the highest number of children out of education anywhere in the world according to recent statistics provided by the United Nations.

More than 5000 students have been abducted from their schools in northern Nigeria since 2010.

In most cases, they have been freed after ransoms were believed to have been paid despite authorities rarely admit to that.

Sprawling Criminal gangs have taken advantage of the deficiency in effective policing in the Country to launch attacks, pillaging villages, stealing farm produce, raping local nomadic inhabitants and spreading fear.

All thanks to climate change affecting livestock in the arid north, whilst herdsmen migrating down south in search of pasture and water.

These groups are perceived to be largely comprising the Fulani pastoralists who collaborate with other nomadic tribes to engaged in mass abductions for financial gains.

These actions now have direct negative effects on motorists and commuters plying all routs leading down south.

In Edo State, Kidnappers have seized thousands of Motorists and Road Users in series of raids engaged in, across the State for close to a decade.

The motivation of these groups appears to be purely economic.

They don’t seem political. The high rate of poverty in the country has led many to resort to such criminal activities for economic survival.

However, experts across board agree that, the growing instances of mass abductions of Road Users of all Class in Edo state is an offshoot of a booming kidnapping-for-
ransom criminal enterprise that has become one of Edo State main security challenges.

Such main roads, especially the notorious Benin-Ekpoma-Auchi highway, have long been a hunting ground for kidnappers.

Road Users have become weary of that rout and cannot completely avoid it.

But knowing how significant that axis is, it’s very difficult to boycott it particularly with low income earners who may not be able to afford flight tickets.

Politicians and topnotch business classes, have no business plying the dreaded rout except those who barely have the right information about the rout hence they fall victims.

The commercial significance is on the decline, whilst traders, non traders, artisans, professionals are kidnapped on regular basis and made to pay huge ransom.

The State government has come under fire over its inability to curtail security challenges amongst other social ills.

Monthly security votes are relatively expended, yet, the spate of insecurity keep rising.

Looking at the Security networks in Edo State, one would expect that, kidnappers should relocate in a blink.

A state where you have, The Military Set Ups, the Nigeria Police Operatives, Nigeria Civil Defense Corps, The Local Vigilante Networks, Constabulary police, Wabazigan all combined, it would be unheard of that few elements in the forest regularly operates and win over this retinue of Security architecture.

What seems to have been their short comings in their operations is a mystery.

These gangs of Criminals are not more than a hundred in number.

Late General Sani Abacha ones said, a country where banditry last for more than expected, The authority should be called to answer salient questions.

Many years after, Nigerians are leaving in fear of the now branded unknown gunmen.

Experts say members of the country’s security agencies are overstretched, poorly paid and under equipped, while the police forces are largely centralized and unable to handle internal security challenges.

Others have also criticized the government after it commended efforts displayed by some refined officers.

Edo state government must implore tactical approach measures to Wipe out the stronghold of kidnappers habituating in Edo Forests by properly funding the local security architecture in collaboration with Police Operatives.

The implication of the sequence of kidnappings will soon have a multiplier effect on citizen’s welfare.

So many monies voted to get indigenous farmers produced food items may become wasted if the kidnappers suspected to be of Fulani extract continue to harrass, kidnap and kill, local farmers.

Arresting a 22-year-old Aliu Yusuf who is alleged to had been terrorising Benin-Ekpoma-Auchi express way and confessed to the crime of kidnapping and armed robbery, is a commendable effort ascribed to the Police Operatives.

However, Aliu Yusuf, is a dot in a cycle of rampaging criminal gangs terrorizing the rout and environs.

The suspect though, told to be the leader of a gang of 4 kidnappers that kidnapped one Lucky Ojezele at Idumwengie Community along Benin-Auchi Road on 5/01/2021 and fled, there are other higher class gangs that needs to be eliminated.

According to a statement released by the Commissioner of Police Edo State Command, CP PHILIP ALIYU OGBADU Psc, via SP Kontongs Bello, Police Public Relations Officer, noted that, the Operatives of Anti-Kidnapping and Cyber Crime Unit of the Command through Hi-tech tracking/intelligence arrested him at old road in Aduwawa, Benin City.

He further revealed that, One of his gang members, Philemon Timothy had earlier been arrested by the operatives and has since been charged to court.

The Commissioner said Efforts were on top gear to arrest the remaining two suspects.

He enjoined all indigents of Edo state to go about their lawful businesses as the command is not relenting in its effort of protecting lives and property.

It is not enough to urge the society to go about their duties, the assurance of a safe society is mandatory in tripartite structure, The State government, the Police and relevant Stakeholders.

The state government as the chief security officer, must exhibit total transparency in equipping the security formations in the state, to Combat barriers as stipulated in the constitution.

The only way those saddled with such responsibility can operate optimally, is to be far ahead in intelligent gathering, Arms and Ammunition, logistics and other relative operational materials necessary for equal actions against suspected enemies of the state.

Politicians in government must now make available, resources and direct their attentions to governance without interfering in security operations.

Stakeholders on their part should have a sense of belonging that they are totally protected when they avail security agencies information.

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